Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top 4 Mistakes New Personal Trainers Make

Don’t get tripped up early on in your career. As you hit the ground running, FitMeNow is making sure you avoid the mistakes that other personal trainers have made.

1. Not Planning for the Transition:
Set yourself up for success. Make a smooth transition into your personal training career by understanding it may take time to ramp up business. Do you have the savings or cash flow to support yourself while getting new clients? Can you go straight into full-time personal training or will you have to transition slowly? Are you planning to work as an independent contractor or with a gym. That will make a difference in the money you see coming in right away.

2. Too Much Too Soon:
Give yourself a break! Seriously. You might be really excited to (finally) be a working personal trainer, but you have to remember that you need time to relax. You need time to prep. You need time to build your business. Fight the urge to fill every hour of every day with a client session. Fatigue, albeit not muscle-related, can hinder your ability to properly train your clients. You need to be present and ready to train each of your clients to the best of your ability. Their success (and their positive word of mouth) is your lifeline to a successful career.

3. Not Knowing Your Role:
Yes, you’re a personal trainer. That’s what your business card says, and that’s important. What is doesn’t say, however, is also important. As a personal trainer you need to be a salesperson. You’re going to be constantly selling yourself to gym owners, clients, client contacts, and other industry members. Treat it as if you’re training a product. What is your value proposition? What is your elevator pitch? Don’t know what an elevator pitch is… it’s a 30-second monologue that you can share at any time with confidence. It’s 30 seconds of what you do, how you do, and why they should care. It’s important, and if you don’t have one, start jotting down what you want to include now.

4. Failing to Practice What You Preach:
As a personal trainer, a member of the fitness industry, you need to practice what you preach. True story: a personal trainer at a large, well-known gym was eating pizza in the gym as members and training clients were trying to live a healthier lifestyle. That is definitely NOT practicing what trainers preach (or at least none that we know of). Now, we’re certainly not saying that pizza is off limits, but it probably shouldn’t be the meal you eat in front of your clients in the gym. Stay on top of fitness and nutrition trends. Try out recipes. You’ll also be spending a lot more time in the gym now that you’re a trainer, but you still have to make time to sweat. You’re your own best advertisement. Put out a healthy and active energy and people will take notice.

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