Monday, November 17, 2014

The Importance of Being a Mentor

Calling all experienced personal trainers:  Have you mentored a new, up-and-coming personal trainer? No.

Well, why not?

As personal trainers, we need to step up and be good mentors for industry newcomers. We need to share our knowledge to help new personal trainers build their careers. We need to ensure that these newbies are good stewards of the industry we love. Together, let’s make sure that they’re ready for a successful career.

  • Help Them Build a Strong Career: Starting a career in personal training can be confusing. You know that. So why not help those pursuing a career in the fitness industry by sharing your experiences. Explain the pros and cons of working for a gym versus being a contract (or independent) trainer. Walk them through the best practices for building a client list. Network with them, introduce them to industry influencers or local influencers that can be a positive addition to their career.

  • Share Your Passion: If you’re anything like us, you’re proud of your training, education, and client success. You might even say you’re passionate about being a top personal trainer. Share that. Share with new personal trainers your favorite techniques, the influential books you’ve read, blogs you follow and what you do to continue your education. Help them understand how to handle different types of clients and those who are struggling or underperforming. If have specialized training, share your passion for working with athletes, fighting childhood obesity, making sure that seniors stay active, or whatever it may be.

  • Pay if Forward: Let’s assume that someone, somewhere, in some way helped you build your career in personal training. Do the same. Pay it forward. Be a positive influence in the career of a new trainer or those still in the certification phase. It serves us all to make sure that the trainers just finishing their education are properly trained and ready to improve the lives of their clients.

For our part, FitMeNow is working to create a simple, reliable resource for trainers -- new and experienced. Check back soon for some exciting news and FitMeNow updates!