Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Become a Personal Trainer: The Importance of Finding a Mentor

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If you want to be the best, learn from the best. To become a quality, sought after personal trainer, it will take more than reading a book or taking a test. Be prepared to become a student of the industry and seek the guidance of an experienced trainer or trainers.
As you start down this path of becoming a personal trainer, we think it’s incredibly important to find a mentoring personal trainer from which you can learn the in's and out's of this crazy, awesome industry. Maybe they were the instructor who trained you. Maybe it’s the individual who convinced you to become a trainer. Whoever he or she may be, reach out and ask them to help guide you through the certification process and share their training experiences and tips.

FitMeNow’s Top 3 Reasons to Find a Personal Training Mentor

  1. Network, Network, Network
No man is an island and no trainer is going to be successful without a good network. Each fellow trainer or industry member you connect with equates to a broader network and more potential clients. A good mentor will introduce you to clients, trainers, gym owners, nutritionists and many other key individuals that can contribute to your success. Work with your mentor to network and get your name out there. The earlier, the better!

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  1. Learn From the Mistakes of Others
Okay, no one likes to be told what to do, we get that. But, wouldn’t it be nice to skip some of the mistakes other trainers have made. Wouldn’t it be nice to skip a few steps in the career building process because you know what the experienced trainers know. Not to mention, when you’re beginning any new career, you’re not necessarily going to know what hurdles to expect and pitfalls to avoid. Don’t be stubborn, learn from a mentor’s mistakes.

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  1. Insider Trainer Tips
The role of your mentor is to share the knowledge they’ve accrued. What would you do with a difficult client? If you’re mentor has been in the biz for awhile, it’s a safe bet they have some ideas. Additional trainer tips you’d benefit from include handling underperforming clients, timing your training sessions and improving client interactions. Your mentor can also help you breach difficult topics like overdue payments.

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We were all beginners once. Newbies to the industry. Don’t let pride stop you from taking advantage of every resource available and seeking out those who can help. It’s in your best interest to find a mentor that will set you on the right path and be your advocate in this competitive industry.

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Don’t forget, the team at FitMeNow is here to assist in kicking off your career with invaluable resources. An experienced trainer? We can also help you increase your network, find new clients and build your business. Keep an eye out for what’s coming soon!

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