Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games: Who will be deemed “Fittest on Earth”

The annual Reebok CrossFit Games are back July 25 - 27 in Carson, CA! Top CrossFit athletes from around the world will leave the comfort of their local “box” and will forget about the WOD for a chance to be dubbed “Fittest on Earth.”

If you’ve done a burpee, a box jump, or an overhead squat, you can imagine the insane test these CrossFit athletes have gone through to reach the CrossFit Games. According to, the season is broken up into three stages, starting with a "worldwide, inclusive, five-week" competition. Regional competitions are then held around the world and are used to further whittle the field. All the blood, sweat and tears finally culminates with the annual Reebok CrossFit Games. Beginning with thousands of competitors, the field is trimmed to just about 100 of the world’s most fit!

Not for the faint of heart, here is just one example of what the competitors will be asked to complete: The Muscle-Up Biathlon For time, competitors run 400 meters, complete 18 muscle-ups, run 400 meters, complete 15 muscle-ups, run 400 meters, complete 12 muscle-ups. If that doesn’t sound hard, you must not know what a muscle-up is. It’s a pull-up on steroids. It’s a true test of upper body strength. It’s hard to complete once, let alone 35 times! A muscle-up is best and most easily described as pull-up, followed by a dip.

From sprint carries, to medicine ball cleans, to deadlift ladders, feats of strength will be on display during the 2014 CrossFit Games. Watch the athletes, be amazed and get inspired! The Reebok CrossFit Games will air live on ESPN: Friday 6-7 pm, Saturday 5-7 pm, and Sunday 5-6 pm (ESPN 2).

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