Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Fitness Myth Buster: Longer Workouts = Better Workouts

If so, you are not alone. Like many things in life, exercise is quality over quantity. Smart exercise will always take precedent over long exercise.

To debunk this myth, let’s go back to the basics. Every workout has two primary variables: Intensity and duration. 

Intensity is how hard you work out, and duration is how long. The goal of each workout session should be monitoring and increasing the intensity. In both strength training and cardio, the more intensity you can bring, the better results you will see. When you perform workouts at a high intensity, the duration can be shortened dramatically without sacrificing results. On the flip side, when you neglect to set a duration limit, your workout intensity will likely suffer. 

Do you love to spend hours at the gym? Be warned:  Not controlling your intensity and spending too long in the gym can be counterproductive. It can actually cause your body to produce excess stress hormones! As many of us know, stress hormones hinder fat loss and the body’s recovery process. Just because 60 minutes helped you lose 10 pounds, doesn’t mean that 120 minutes will help you lose another 20. Unfortunately, that’s a common assumption that has caused many of us (with the best of intentions) to get frustrated with our progress and lose motivation.

Remember:  Short, high-intensity workouts deliver great results and extra afterburn!


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