Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Fitness Myth Buster: Crunches Will Get Rid of My Love Handles

A bit of a belly? Just do sit ups.

Oh wouldn’t that be nice...

 As much as we’d love to share the secret to spot reduction, it just doesn’t exist. Let us say this another way: You cannot target reduce fat. Instead of focusing on one body part, incorporate full-body weight and interval training into your current regiment.

Building muscle will boost your metabolism, and will help you burn more calories throughout the day. Interval training, like HIIT, will also keep your metabolism revved and keep your body in fat-burning mode long after you leave the gym. Whether you like it or not, genetics plays a large role in where fat stays and goes. If your thighs are your problem area, it’s likely that's the last place the fat will disappear from. Don’t let that discourage you! Keep up with a clean diet and intense workouts, and you will see results ... just maybe not in the order or at the speed you’d like.

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