Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Fitness Myth Buster: Muscle Soreness = Results

You had a great workout Monday, wake up Tuesday and feel … NOTHING!?!?! Wait, how is that possible? You killed it at the gym. Your quads should be killing you! You used to be sore after every workout!

As catchy as it is, “no pain, no gain” doesn’t have a whole lot of science to back it. So don't judge your workout on whether or not you experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Usually occurring 24 to 48 hours after a workout, DOMS depends on a number of factors including length of workout, phase of training, amount of rest, and nutrition.

Caused by inflammation and the micro-damage of muscle cells, muscle soreness is theoretically good for those consuming a massive amount of calories and looking to bulk (the breaking down of muscle fibers forces them to rebuild and leads to muscle growth). If you’re goal is weight loss and toning, excessive muscle soreness may be an indicator that you’re overtraining. This is particularly true for those maintaining a hypo-caloric diet.

No matter your goal, you don’t have to feel like you were beaten down by an MMA fighter to see results or know you're doing something right. And remember, the more fit you get, the less often you’ll feel super sore. #gofityourself #mondaymythbuster

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